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Considering a New Swimming Pool Design and Construction?

KDT Pools provide an unbeatable Swimming Pool Design and Construction service

swimming pool design and sonstructionIf you are considering building a swimming pool for your home or possibly the renovation of an existing one then the planning process needs to be done correctly. At KDT Pools we have well over 20 years experience in planning, designing and building swimming pools of all types and we consider ourselves to be one of the leading luxury swimming pool designers and builders in the UK. The experienced and dedicated team at KDT Pools will ensure that every aspect of your new or refurbished swimming pool is just perfect.

KDT’s design process is kept as simple as possible and during planning, a member of the team will walk you through each and every step of both the design and build process, this means you know exactly what you are getting and that you are more than happy with your luxury swimming pool. KDT Pools have a variety of happy customers and the requirement differ from simple to extravagant but no matter what we always deliver exactly what the customer is looking for, in a nutshell, KDT Pools can design and build absolutely any luxury swimming pool or spa.

KDT Swimming Pools are also well in touch with the latest and most innovative, cutting edge technology available. From water treatment systems to exclusive moving floors, the KDT team are constantly striving to be ahead and stay ahead of the game and the competition when it comes to swimming pool technology.

A swimming pool with a moving floor is ideal for homes where space is of a premium, with simply a push of a button, your swimming pool is completely covered with a moving floor which then allows the area to be used as an additional room in your home for functions, parties or simply just living space.

If keeping fit is your thing and again you have limited space then a counter current system could be right up your street, this will create a current in the pool which you are then able to swim against, you can then virtually swim length after length in a small pool.

While constructing concrete swimming pools of the highest quality, swimming pools that we are confident will stand the test of time, KDT can also provide exquisite design features that can transform a normal swimming pool or spa into something more luxurious. Swimming pool lighting is a very popular addition and with different styles, moods and colours available this alone can transform the look and feel of your pool

Speak with a member of our design team about the range of finishes available such as mosaics and marble or the magnificent lighting systems we can provide, all additions that, if planned, designed and installed correctly are guaranteed to make your swimming poolstand out.

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