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Swimming Pool Builders – Basement Pools

Swimming Pool Builders Look at Basement Pools Basement pools are an alternative to an outdoor pool and perfect for properties where space is at a premium. Going under the existing floor level to build a pool might seem like a massive undertaking, but with expert swimming pool builders, it is a simple enough process. This week we will be taking a look at pools located in the basement and seeing if they are the best option for you. Why Choose a Basement Pool
  • Heat is not lost in the same way from a basement pool that it is in a pool with a purpose-built room over it. So in terms of operating costs, they are a wise choice, long term.
  • You don’t have to build in your garden to construct this type of pool. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about a pool building, no matter how attractive, ruining your view.
  • With the right swimming pool design team you will be able to create an indoor pool in your basement that fits perfectly into your life.
  • You can get an idea of the cost of the project from your swimming pool builders before you make any decisions.
  • Having a tailor-made pool in your own home will transform your life. They are ideal for increasing fitness levels, losing weight and having fun in.
Basement Pool Facts Here are some of the basement pool facts for prospective owners to consider:
  • Before the pool can be installed, the building, in the majority of cases, must be underpinned. This strengthens the basement pool and makes the final construction safe for use.
  • Prior to any plans being made a full site survey will be completed.
  • Existing water pipes, sewage lines and other utilities need to be identified and located before work can commence. This will be looked at during the site survey.
  • The shape and size of your basement will have an effect on the shape and size of your pool. If the space that you have is no suitable, your swimming pool construction expert will let you know quickly.
  • Your basement will have to be waterproofed as part of the construction process. This cost will be part of your quote.
  • Excavation can be a very noisy part of the build, which can be quite disruptive for a time. There has to be adequate space for even mini digging equipment to get in and out of the property.
Luxury Pool Design If the thought of installing a basement pool is making you ready to dive in, you need to speak with luxury pool designers. After a site survey and relevant checks, they will work with you to create a 3D image of your pool. This will incorporate all of the features that you have chosen and be to the dimensions of your basement space. You can make any changes to the design if there is anything that you are not happy with. Only when you are 100% with the design and plans will the project start. You will be given an expected time schedule for the build along with the costs. Excavation will start and your pool will start to take shape. Within a matter of weeks, you will have your own basement pool that you can enjoy whenever the mood takes you. All work will be undertaken by your swimming pool builders and it will be completed to an exceptionally high standard. We want you to be able to be very satisfied with your new pool and we will work with you to achieve this. Next time we will look at the problems that you can face by cutting costs with swimming pool installation.

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