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Swimming Pool Features


Mood Lighting

Whatever you see your swimming pool being used for, mood lighting is a fantastic way of making it look good while making you feel good!

Mood lighting is a very popular lighting solution for swimming pools both indoor and outdoor, and it can highlight and enhance a pool with a dramatic effect, mood lighting will also allow you to create a mood in your home pool at different times of the day or evening. The level of illumination in a room or pool can affect the mood of your behavioural characteristics and help relax and enjoy your swim, a subtle light tone can really help you unwind.

sheer descent waterfall

Sheer Decent Waterfall

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of water flowing over you in your own swimming pool.

Swimming under a waterfall feels amazing and The Sheer Descent Waterfall can create this fantastic effect in your own indoor swimming pool or outdoor swimming pool. The Sheer Descent Waterfall really is an eye-catching feature and will help bring your swimming pool to life.

Neck Massage Water Curtain

If you often suffer from a tense neck or stiff shoulders, or maybe you just occasionally feel pressure in your head after an uncomfortable or strenuous day at work.

A neck massage water curtain will help flush this feeling away. With an elevated wide shower head injecting a fast flowing stream of water that breaks and massages when it hits the back, neck and shoulders this really is a great way to relax.

counter current unit

Counter Current Unit

Fit a counter current unit to your swimming pool and create a great way of exercising at home.

If you ever suffer from aching joints either when exercising or maybe just in general then the best way to relieve this ache is by exercising in water and a counter current unit allows you to use your swimming pool in a similar way to a treadmill, a powerful, adjustable jet of water. allows you to swim against the flow improving fitness and stamina.