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Take the plunge with a home swimming pool

Add a home swimming pool and create a space to enjoy

A swimming pool in your home is glamorous, highly desirable, fun for the kids and fantastic for parties. Imagine you’ve been stuck on the train on your way home from work or in a car on a hot summer day after travelling up and down the motorway, being able to dive into a swimming pool as soon as you get home is a marvellous feeling. Along with having friends beating your door down on a hot day; a swimming pool can also help keep you fit.

Although a home swimming pool outdoors is not likely to increase the value of your property or even help make it more sell-able, in fact, it has the potential to reduce the number of potential buyers with young families’ safety concerns. A properly designed and constructed outdoor pool will cost anywhere from around £40,000 up to in excess of £100,000, plus running costs which can be quite expensive so keep in mind this is a lifestyle choice and not an investment, you should have a swimming pool because you want one and will use it, adding value to your home shouldn’t come into it.

Having a pool as part of an outdoor entertaining area is becoming Increasingly more popular, perhaps coupled with other leisure facilities such as a barbecue etc. Hot tubs fall into the same mould, expensive to run but if you can afford it the fun side is immense.

When it comes to an indoor pool or a ‘pool house’ the situation changes, this is a building that can add value to your property but the costs are going to be much more as you have much more construction work involved, imagine adding a new structure to your home or converting an outbuilding, add a fold-back glass wall, some tasteful tables and chairs may be a fridge-freezer stocked with ice creams and drinks for all the family and your guests.

If the building is south-facing you may have the best of both worlds. Glass folding doors open when the weather is warm, and then closed when it’s not, plus you can still use the pool in the colder winter months. The beauty of an indoor pool is the ability to head there first thing in the morning may be in your dressing gown, read the paper there, maybe even have breakfast, so ideally it should be linked to the house.

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