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luxury swimming pool design

A Luxury Pool Needs Finishing Touches

Luxury Pool Design should be complemented with the right accessories

luxury pool designYou’ve made it. The swimming pool of your dreams is now installed, and it looks incredible. You can’t wait to dive straight in and enjoy the cool (or warm, if you’ve gone for a heated option) water. You deserve it.

But there is, perhaps, just one thing missing. One more thing to get absolutely perfect before you can truly make the most of this wonderful swimming pool you’ve had installed. And that’s the building itself. It’s almost done, but what about the doors? How are you planning on getting into the building to enjoy the pool?

Speak to your indoor pool design contractors, and you’ll be given an array of options. What’s right for you? One particularly popular design right now is a slide and fold patio door. Not only does this type of door look great and stylish, but it also makes the most of the possibly limited space you have left after the building is complete. These doors concertina together from one side of the entrance to the other, completely folding away when not needed to give you a wide, open space.

It makes the pool feel part of the outside and gives everything an effortless flow. When it’s time to close up, the sliding mechanism is smooth and simple – with the specially designed runners it won’t get stuck or caught up, so your pool will never be left unsecured.

The sliding doors have ventilation, so they won’t warp or buckle with the damp or condensation, but this same ventilation means that you won’t get drafts either. Ideal for a winter swim, when you’ll want to keep as much warmth inside the pool building as possible. They are also top hung so that won’t snag or catch as you open or close them, making them excellent when it comes to security and safety.

Indoor pool design is essential to get right, and by choosing slide and fold doors, you’ve done the job.

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