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Swimming pool maintenance will keep your swimming pool in tip top condition

It is essential that your pool maintenance is carried out correctly to keep the pool efficient and economical and to make sure it lasts as long as possible after all this is usually a large investment.
There are several ways to reduce the amount of work required when it comes to pool maintenance and we will always consult with you in depth about this but here are a few basic procedures:

  • Usually, water is drawn from the pool using the pump, this then generates pressure and sends the water back to the pool through a filter, heater and chlorinator.
  • All pumps, filters and electrical connections should be checked regularly. Always fill the pool to the proper level.
  • Scaly water and corrosion is caused when the PH becomes too low or too high in the water. This is preventable and you should frequently test the pool’s water and add appropriate chemicals to bring the pH back to its correct level.
  • Testing strips and other tools can be purchased from your local pool equipment supplier to help check this.
  • Even if you filter the water daily it can become cloudy or greeny in colour, this is often an indication that your filter needs to replaced or repaired.
  • The pool should be closed down regularly in order to perform routine inspections and repairs you may come across while inspecting, winter is usually a good time to carry out this operation and here are some steps to follow as a guide:
  • Drain the pool, maybe the concrete or tiled surface needs a lick of paint or some repairs.
  • Check your pump and filter.
  • Properly repair chips, cracks and any other damage to the deck of the pool.
  • Check thoroughly to make sure the pump and filter are working as they should be.
  • Lubricate bolts on diving boards and any other moving equipment.
  • Thoroughly examine steps, ladders, rails and diving board for repairs.
  • If your pool is heated check all connections in case of gas leaks.

By following simple steps on a regular basis you will extend the life of your pool allowing you and your family enjoyment for years to come without concern.

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