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Luxury swimming pools in all styles

Luxury swimming pool designs come in all types and sizes.

A luxury swimming pool is all about the requirements, ideas and in most cases dreams of the client. It depends what you want to do with the pool, is it for swimming, playing or relaxing. We recently came across the photo of the pool in this post and we think its a great design and probably fits the design of the house very well, the hot tub is designed in a very similar way and the stone banking looks fantastic. This pool is obviously built with looks in mind and is probably for relaxing and having fun in and we can only imagine how this swimming pool design could look at night with some gorgeous pool lights installed and the lighting in the pool building dimmed. Wow!

At KDT Pools we have been building luxury swimming pools for over 20 years and we have designed and constructed some amazing pools for our clients, each and every one of them different and based on discussions and ideas put forward by the client, we listen to everything, after all the pool is yours and once we leave it has to be and do everything you want it to. Its very important to describe exactly what you want but its just as important to take the advice of the pool builder in terms of what can be done and and any limitations.

Get it right from the outset, include everything you want, lights, filters, covers and anything you are unsure of just ask!
luxury swimming pool design

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