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Swimming Pool Design at home

Make a Statement with Swimming Pool Design

swimming pool designYour home is the one place that you can let your personality shine through which is why so many people spend time and money on improvements in and around the home. Many changes people make are often for cosmetic reasons, but occasionally people make changes for enjoyment and entertainment and to add value to the home.

A swimming pool was once thought of as a luxury addition toproperty, and an addition that only the wealthy could afford, but today things are very different and it is possible to build a pool in your home for much less than you might imagine.

Getting in touch with a professional swimming pool contractor is the first step as they can advise and offer guidance to creating your dream pool within your budget. They will discuss your needs, and requirements such as is the pool for leisure purposes or is it for health reasons as is often the case, they will also look at areas where the pool will be installed.

You will always be heavily involved and be a big part of the design process, this means that you can often let your ideas flow and begin to create something truly unique to you. The finishing touches of the pool such as the tiles, the lighting in and around it and so on can all be tailored to suit your exact taste and if you want a pool with clean lines, simple tiles or an ornate design with feature whirlpool you can have it.

Swimming Pool Builders and Maintenance

bespoke swimming poolMaybe you already have your own swimming pool installed at home, if so you will need to take the time to ensure that it is correctly maintained. Without regular and proper maintenance your pool can quickly become a health hazard. A professional swimming pool builders and installation team can provide you with the lowdown on regularly maintaining your pool either while it is being fitted or afterwards.

Once you are used to the daily routine of testing the water for chlorine and its pH balance you will find that it takes next to no time to keep on top of it. It is also vital that you understand the importance of the pool filter as this will do a lot of the hard work for you by cleaning the water of any small bits of debris.

If you have an outdoor swimming pool is you should check for fallen leaves daily as well as any other items that could contaminate your swimming pool, making it unpleasant to use. However, your swimming pool builder will make you aware of all of the issues so that you are ready for being a pool owner.

It shouldnt take long for you to begin to understand the basics of swimming pool maintenance, and many pool builders provide a call out service and are on hand at any time for help and advice helping make taking care of your swimming pool an easier job than you think.

Bespoke Swimming Pool Myths Revealed

There really is nothing like having your own swimming pool at home to spend time in and entertain family and guests in. All of the family can get involved and enjoy the addition of a swimming pool which helps promote a healthy lifestyle for all of the family, there are often plenty of individuals out there who have worries, concerns and reservations about installing a pool.

These are the people who are almost ready to take the plunge and have their own pool built but have been listening to myths about bespoke swimming pools. If you are feeling this way here are some of the myths that you might have heard that are anything but true:

  • The cost will outweigh the benefits for the average household. This is incorrect as the price of installing a pool can be very affordable, you could have a tiny fitness pool or a massive leisure pool.
  • If you have blonde hair it will get ruined by the chlorine and turn green when using the pool on a regular basis. This is a total myth and the only reason that your hair will turn green is if there are copper based minerals in the pool – something that should not be there if you are using chlorine.
  • The pool will have a distinct ‘swimming baths’ smell to it that is really unpleasant. If you take the time to correctly maintain your pool it will not have a strong smell.

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